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Easy activities to do at home with your little ones

From a very young age, the child is curious. He or she is in constant demand of new discoveries and experiences. 

He/she needs to touch, see, smell, feel, listen, and taste.  

In case you need to stay at home, better be prepared: here are some ideas of fun and easy activities to entertain your child. These activities are meant to help your child develop his/her capabilities while playing, 

in the safe environment of the family home.

Work on fine motor skills, with a tissue box

Recycle an empty tissue box by filling it up with socks, cloth, large ribbons or scarves… Give the box to your child. He or she will take pleasure in emptying its content and discovering what is inside!

Painting with toilet paper rolls

Toilet paper rolls come in very handy to entertain children. DIY, craft, fun activities or games, there are lots of different creative ideas to get inspired! 

Here, we suggest that you cut strips on one end so that your child can dip it in paint and make patterns that resemble fireworks!

A sensory activity: Magic dough

For this activity, use a large bowl or basin and mix twice as much corn flour than water. You will get a liquid dough that solidifies when manipulated and that trickles when left untouched!  

You can also add food colouring and kids dinnerware utensils or small cups to enable your child to manipulate as he/she wants 

Simply wash the equipment afterwards.

Colouring with augmented reality (tested with success at La Petite Crèche!)

At first, you will need to download from the editor’s site (www.quivervision.com) the colouring you wish to animate. Some are free of charge, others require a fee. Then, use your tablet or smartphone to open the application, point your camera towards the drawing… And magic will do the rest. Watch with your child as the character comes to life!

Cooking: baking biscuits

Young children like to explore: making biscuits is a little bit like playing with their usual dough! Their favourite actions are: stirring, pouring, rolling and mashing up, which is plenty to make a simple cake. 

Through this activity, the child learns to: assess his/her movements, obey a simple order and respect hygiene rules (washing hands, wearing an apron). He/she gets to discover new ingredients: he or she will enjoy smelling all the different spices and discovering each unique scent. 

Preparation : 

  1. In a large bowl, use a spatula to mix the egg, the sugar, and salt until you obtain a foaming mix. 
  2. Add all the flour at once. Mix with the spatula, then rub the dough between your fingers to flake it.  
  3. Incorporate the butter in small cubes by kneading, and shape a ball.  
  4. Leave the dough to rest for 1 to 2 hours in the fridge. Preheat the oven to 190 °C (th. 6).  
  5. Stretch the dough on a floured surface using a rolling pin, then die-cut fun shapes or alternatively use a glass to mould circles. 
  6. Arrange the biscuits on the oven rack, using baking paper, and bake for 10 minutes.  
  7. Leave to cool down on the rack.

Stories to listen to together

Activities to spend energy

Because children need to spend their energy, here are a few motor skills activities to do at home:


  • Motor skills course - special confinement:






  • Agility and motricity games:




Have fun!


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