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Pretend play or symbolic play

From 2 to 3 years old: the child imitates what he sees The child from 2 years old uses imitation games, role-playing games or pretend games. These are an echo of what the children have seen and heard. They mainly imitate everyday gestures. They pretend to make their dolls drink, to change their teddy bear, […]
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Easy activities to do at home with the little ones [Part 2]

Here are a few ideas of activities meant to stimulate the mind and hands of your little ones, using what is directly available around the house ! Keep your toilet paper rolls. Offer your child to paint them first, then cut them in two or three parts to make the beads. For your child to […]
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Easy activities to do at home with your little ones

From a very young age, the child is curious. He or she is in constant demand of new discoveries and experiences.  He/she needs to touch, see, smell, feel, listen, and taste.   In case you need to stay at home, better be prepared: here are some ideas of fun and easy activities to entertain your child. […]
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