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Our Story

The Origins of La Petite Ecole and La Petite Crèche

French couple Vincent Rosa and Viviane Salin, parents of two, first founded La Petite Ecole, a French bilingual preschool, in 2012, in Singapore. It is here that their dream of an ideal school for their own children sprouted. In 2015, they opened La Petite Crèche, in order to bring a solution to parents in regards to their little ones.

They both quit their respective jobs in order to realise their dream and embark on this beautiful adventure as a family...

The Foundations of La Petite Ecole

The best of French education for children of the world.

  • Excellence: the reputation of the French national curriculum, a guarantee of high-quality education. Our goal: to ensure that the best human and pedagogical resources are in place and to provide an ideal environment for children to thrive and succeed in French and English;
  • Opening up to the world: an international community, a multicultural pedagogical team with an understanding of local culture and language;
  • Positive development of third-culture kids: facilitate the adaptation of children born and raised in a country different from that of their parents;
  • Pedagogical and technological innovation:

-Following the French educational curriculum while drawing on international teaching methods;

-Being child-centric by adapting to the individual needs and enabling self-development;

-Using new technologies to help the child take an active part in the learning process and become more independent, curious and motivated;

-Communicating the child’s progress with parents visually through photos and videos.

  • Creativity: play, explore, imagine, create, be amazed. Encourage the natural creativity of the child.