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Our programmes are designed to foster children’s self-esteem, independence and ability to socialise with peers.

We aim at facilitating each child’s cognitive, fine motor and gross motor development at his/her own natural pace.

Our mission

  • To create a safe and fun environment that ensures each and every child's wellbeing ;
  • To encourage discoveries in all areas of focus : motor, social, emotional, cognitive and artistic, while fostering their natural curiosity through diverse activities ;
  • To help develop the child's language skills ;  
  • To promote self-respect and respect of others ;
  • To promote autonomy and awareness of self / own body ;
  • To create a collaboration with the parents, through adapted communication tools and get-together events.


To achieve our goals, we have designed and implemented a strong, rich and creative developmental curriculum, with a major emphasis on learning through making, learning through play, and learning through the arts. Every day, children have ample opportunities to engage with materials and experiences that stimulate learning in our major curriculum areas :

  • Art & crafts
  • Singing & music
  • Fine motor activities
  • Gross motor activities
  • Introduction to Maths
  • Creative & social play
  • Sciences & nature exploration
  • Language & literacy

Curriculum themes based on nature and life foster growth in all developmental areas — physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and artistic.

Bilingual Programme

La Petite Crèche offers a French-English bilingual programme which celebrates and respects both languages and the diverse cultural backgrounds of the children and their families. Our qualified and experienced staff are inspired to launch the children on their journey to become fully bilingual. Our playgroup not only attracts French and English speaking parents, but also families from other nationalities who value our developmental approach to early childhood education and the cognitive, social and cultural benefits of bilingualism.

Daily Activities / Time Schedule

Daily schedule and classroom rhythms ensure a good balance between teacher-guided structured activities, free play and individual learning.

Free Play

Children are invited to play in any stations that they choose upon arrival. Here are the choices to explore throughout the day:

  • Art tables and play dough table;
  • Montessori-inspired table;
  • Puzzle and small manipulative toys;
  • Blocks, trains, cars and large building toys;
  • Housekeeping area.

Circle Time

After getting all children settled, there is a 20 minute circle time. This includes stories, rhymes, finger plays, dances, songs and musical instruments. If the children are working on a special project or there is an upcoming event, the children are guided towards an activity related to it.

Outside Play

The playgroup features beautiful outdoor settings that provide us with endless opportunities for exploring outside. Children are invited to ride on a variety of toy vehicles, tricycles, scooters and wagons in the spacious bicycle riding area. They can also enjoy the playground, sand pit, playhouse and trampoline.

Download Time Schedule

  1. 16-30 months_FRENCH
  2. 16-30 months_ENGLISH
  3. 30+ months_FRENCH
  4. 30+ months_ENGLISH

Adaptation Period

We believe that the first social group experience can set the tone for a child’s attitude towards education for many years to come. This very reason defines our main goal to ensure that the child always feels safe, happy and engaged in our playgroup. In order to achieve that, our programme includes a gentle adaptation period during which the child grows accustomed to the teachers, the new environment and the peers.

  • On the first day at La Petite Crèche, parents have the possibility to accompany their child throughout the morning.
  • On the second day, parents can stay with their child until the snack time, then leave the child with the group (but stay on the premises if they wish to).

Because each child is different, we will adjust the adaptation period to his/her needs.