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School Network Odyssey

Odyssey is an international school network that brings together French schools around the world, ranging from preschool to secondary school.

Supported by French institutions, the Odyssey network was founded by renowned figures from the education sector in France and committed to the promotion of French education abroad.

Schools belonging to the Odyssey network combine French academic excellence and the dynamism of anglo-saxon and international schools. This combination of the ‘best of two words’ is a unique pedagogical model.

Odyssey schools welcome pupils of all nationalities to a congenial, yet challenging and fulfilling  environment and prepare them to join the best universities in the world.

In each Odyssey school, teams of teachers are selected to ensure that our educational project is carried out in line with our principles:
  • The full French curriculum certified by the Ministry of Education, which seeks to ensure that children learn all the basic skills and acquire the broadest possible knowledge A multilingual education starting in preschool, with English as the key second language.
  • English is taught by native speaking teaching graduates using teaching methods that favour action, self-confidence and responsibility
  • An international and dynamic environment that promotes an outward-looking international perspective
  • A modern educational model that ensures personal development and success for each pupil
  • An education adapted to the new challenges of the 21st century: environmental awareness, cross-cultural dialogue, creativity, mastering of new technologies etc.).

Supported by leading French institutions, EFI Brussels belongs to the Odyssey School Network, whose founders are pioneers in bilingual education in France and recognised for their track record in introducing educational innovation such as active learning.

The Odyssey Network currently has 2 schools in Europe, 1 in Morocco and 3 in South East Asia and is planning to open more schools around the world.