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Why Choose La Petite Crèche?

Why Choose La Petite Crèche?

  • For the quality and diversity of its activities and the proven track record of family-owned La Petite Ecole group.
  • For the choice of an educational environment either in French, or bilingual French-English.
  • For the flexibility of its opening hours and the various formulas it offers to better suit the little ones and their families.
  • For its philosophy which promotes the child’s development through arts and play.
  • For its benevolent and safe environment, which provides endless opportunities for fun activities.

...but also because we welcome everyone.

You are a family with both parents speaking French

Like many French parents living overseas, we would like to pass on our language and culture to our children. Some will choose to strengthen the acquisition of the mother tongue with a learn by play programme delivered in French language. Others, as expats embracing the international context in which they evolve, will see an opportunity to offer a second language to their child from early childhood, by choosing our bilingual programme.

You are a mixed family, with one French-speaking parent

For mixed families where one parent speaks French and the other English or another language, it is not unusual that the parents’ common language (often English) is spoken at home. In that case, the majority of those families opt for the French-only programme in order for the child to become fully bilingual.

You are a non-French speaking family (Singaporean or international)

For non-French speaking families, choosing a French environment for their child can be motivated by the pedagogical and educational approach, different from that of other systems. At La Petite Crèche, your child can benefit from an arts & play approach, a trouble-free, fun programme for him/her to thrive. He/she can then continue his/her education in a French school, such as La Petite Ecole, or the Lycée Français.